The three little letters I.V.F bring up various feelings for me.

I admit that I used to look at those letters as a sign of scandal and a mix of curiosity – “ooh, so-and-so are having trouble conceiving, do you think they will try IVF?” have been whispered during gossip sessions. Or, “did you know, so-and-so is in her late 30’s and have twins/triplets, they must have used IVF!”

But now, my perspective has changed.

As of nearly 6 months ago, my husband and I were given the advice from our GP to seriously look into IVF & ICSI treatment – right away, due to my husband’s sperm motility results. Coming from our GP who is generally quite calm and relaxed, we were surprised about his insistence and urgency in his tone and manner.

We immediately researched into his suggestion – through Google and YouTube videos, and were pleased to have come across a wealth of information.

But through our research, we were emotional. Never did we think that we would be one of those people that required help with fertility. We are relatively young, successful, and healthy! It was quite a  shock to say the least and we were humbled quickly by reality.

It was however, reassuring to know that there are other couples have fertility issues. More so than what we had imagined as this is not a topic that you would just casually bring up. Somehow, it’s just not appropriate to discuss the details of your husband’s sperm count and/or with your issues ovulating over a shrimp cocktail at a dinner party.

With that said, I think it is important to spread more awareness of this sensitive topic. I am happy to share my experience on this blog as it is a way for me to express my emotions in a safe space and to also give back to others in a similar situation.

So now, these three little letters mean so much to us. Hope. Opportunity. Life. And a possible solution to a seemingly hopeless situation.

I am feeling so grateful for the opportunity that technology/IVF has presented us with and we really pray for a healthy baby at the end of the process.

I will try to document my experience to the best of my abilities, but feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions along the way in the “leave a comment” section!


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